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Carl Franklin's Blazor Desk Show

Live Online Events

Carl Franklin from .NET Rocks! is hosting this free online webinar on multiple dates (see below). In just a couple hours Carl will share architecture best practices, how to make and consume generic components, how to call JavaScript to enhance your apps, and how to implement authentication and authorization. He'll show you how to monitor the traffic going back and forth between the browser and the server, measure your app's memory footprint, and how to optimize it. You'll also be introduced to some exciting Blazor controls including a data grid and appointment scheduling component. Materials and slides will be shared here.

Download the Materials

Download the Slide Show and the Materials (Hands-on Lab and Code).
These materials have been updated to support the Blazor WebAsemmbly 3.2.0 Preview 3 release. The Blazor Component Model is complete. It will not change between now and when .NET 5 (with Blazor WebAssembly) is released in November. So, now is a good time to get started developing solutions in Blazor.

Advanced Online Blazor Workshop

Carl has built an advanced hands-on lab with a screen video and code that you can watch at your own pace. Check out the workshop on Vimeo

Free Blazor Controls from DevExpress

Use DevExpress controls for productivty and polish. Grids, Charts, Scheduler, Calendar, File Uploading, and more. DevExpress is the reason Carl can provide this amazing content for free. Go download the controls now and tell us what you think! devexpress.com/freeblazor

Where Can I Watch?

You will be able to watch live on Twitch and YouTube. URLs will be displayed below the dates just before the event. Use this Time Zone Converter to get the right time for your region..

Get In Touch!

Email us at blazor@devexpress.com
You can reach Carl at carl@appvnext.com


Notice: Schedule Changed March 28th

April 23rd 7PM with Dan Roth!

Thursday, April 23rd 7 PM EST (11 PM UTC)
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/carlfranklin
YouTube: https://youtu.be/p3klP2pwHdU

April 29th 7PM

Wednesday, April 29th 7 PM EST (11 PM UTC)
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/carlfranklin
YouTube: https://youtu.be/rGFuwlQV_7Y

About Carl Franklin

Carl Franklin is Executive Vice President of App vNext, a software development firm focused on modern methodologies and technologies. Carl is a 20+ year veteran of the software industry, co-host and founder of .NET Rocks!, the first and most widely listened to podcast for .NET developers, a Microsoft MVP for Developer Technologies, and Senior Executive of Pwop Studios, a full-service audio and video production/post production studio located in Southeastern Connecticut.